I'm interested in telling my story. What happens next?

Please contact our founder Stephen Briggs for an obligation free chat. In a previous life he was a talk back host on commercial radio so he LOVES to chat. Stephen will talk with you about what to expect, what the shoot would be like, where the interview would take place and what elements of your life story you would like to concentrate on.  He wants your interview to be a wonderful experience and will really help you to feel at ease and comfortable.  

The prices of the packages vary a lot? Why is that?

This Beautiful Life has tried to make its films as affordable as possible. However Film Making is a very time consuming process. Where ever possible This Beautiful Life tries to keep costs down but the biggest cost is time and in particular Post Production. Whilst a BRONZE package is simple, cost effective and will certainly capture the ESSENCE of it's subject beautifully. It requires a loss less time than a PLATINUM package which is a much larger production and takes up to 10 times as much time. It is quite common for siblings to go in together, pool their resources and share the cost of making a film that honours their parent. This Beautiful Life accepts CREDIT CARDS.

Does it matter that I haven't done anything extraordinary?

Not at all. This Beautiful Life celebrates ordinary peoples lives and as much as their journey is important their character is equally so.  The truth is we are all unique (though not that many of us realise it) and even people in the same family can have completely different lives. Some of the richest stories that really resonate with people come from very ordinary settings and backgrounds. What's most important to your family and friends is the fact it's YOUR life story and it made you the person you are today.

What if I get something wrong? Can I change it?

Of course. The last thing we want is to have a final film you are not totally satisfied with. One set of revisions is included in the price of the package. Please be aware post production is the most time consuming and therefore expensive aspect of making any film. If you require changes after the first set of changes an hourly fee will be charged. Incidentally no-one will see your film until you have approved it.

Can the film be about two people?

Yes. It's your film so you can tell it any way you would like. You would just need to indicate this and discuss what you had in mind with This Beautiful Life. A package would then be tailored to your specific needs.

Why This Beautiful life? Why can't I just film myself with a phone?

In this age of "I this" and "I that" you certainly could just film yourself with a phone. But the crucial element that's missing from that scenario (other than the production values) is in fact something that's missing more and more from today's society. CONVERSATION. Human Beings are social animals and when you converse with a highly skilled interviewer they can help you uncover stuff you didn't even know was there. Together, you can dig deeper and get to the heart of your story.  It's also worth noting that by speaking with an interviewer that you don't know you are far more likely to be yourself and give an honest account of your life. If you are interviewed by a family member you are more likely to adopt your role and answer as a parent or grandparent. The real value in your story for generations to come is you being as truthful as you can.

Who will be able to see my film once it's finished?

Your film will be given to you on USB as well as stored on the This Beautiful Life Vimeo page. You will then be given a password. Only people you share the password with will be able to access your film on line. Depending on the package chosen you will also receive extra USB's (in a beautiful wooden presentation box) to give to family and friends. DVD copies are also available.

‚ÄčDo This Beautiful life Films have other uses?

Yes some people intend using the shorter 10 minute versions as tributes to be played at their funerals when the time comes. Could there be a more fitting tribute than someone telling their story in their own words.